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Organising wedding favours is stressful for many couples.

You want to thank the special people who share your joy.


It should be simple. Too often it becomes hard work.

Finding one, maybe two gifts that suit all your guests - the usual ‘one size fits all’ table-placed bonbonniere - means hours of comparing dozens of options:

  • Is it right for both men and women?

  • Does it suit both your grandparents and your nieces?

  • Is it that perfect reminder of your special day?

The problem is: one size doesn’t fit all.


The same gift for every guest cannot please all tastes, cater to all ages, mean something to each person.

There is nothing worse than watching gifts chosen and made with love being thrown out with the napkins at the end of your celebrations.

We’ve been through the stress of organising thank you gifts.

We’ve helped friends go through the same thing: first choosing, then wrapping and tagging each favour.

Laboriously handmade, with love. Label after label, each bonbonniere the same.

We're Kristy-Lee and Jamie Crossan.


For our own wedding in April 2018, we were determined to keep it stress-free and find a way to make gift-giving fun, for us and for our guests.

And our idea became Bon Bo Vendi, the Original Thank You Gift Vending Machine.

Ive had the pleasure of attending 2 weddings with the bon bo vendi machines set up.. what a fantastic way to show your appreciation to guests. The best part is the bride and groom can pick what gifts go into the machine which they think would suit their guests. It's not cheap rubbish either. The quality of the gifts is amazing.


I'll be organising to have the bon bo vendi machines at my wedding. Kristy and Jamie deserve 5 stars for creating this amazing business.

Lauren Porter

5-star Google reviewer

Kristy-Lee's story

For the past 12 years, Kristy-Lee has played a part in many weddings. As a hairdresser and make-up artist, she loves getting brides ready for their special day.


She saw firsthand how stressed they were, rushing to get everything ready.


Many brides often had no time to simply enjoy the lead up to their own wedding day.

Jamie's story

Jamie liked his ten-year job as a sales rep, selling BBQ, camping and fireplace accessories across Australia.


He loved the relationships he built with his clients: understanding their problems and helping them choose the products that were right for them.


But something was missing. ‘I always wanted to sell my own product’, Jamie explains. ‘A product I truly believed in.’

Gift giving has become Something Old.

We want to make it Something New.

‘Not everyone is a sucker for romance like me and keeps every little memory’, says Kristy-Lee. ‘I still have the first bonbonniere I received from my auntie’s wedding when I was 13: a lace doily with sugared almonds. They probably wouldn’t be very tasty any more!


'That's why we came up with a new, quirky way to put some fun and choice back into gift-giving. People love picking their own gift; it gives them an experience and makes them feel special.


'When your guests can choose their favourite gift, they want to keep it. Each time they look at it, it will remind them of you and the great time they had at your wedding.'

Jamie loves finding the perfect gifts for blokes to add to Bon Bo Vendi's more than 100 bonbonniere options.


‘I’ve been to so many weddings where everyone got the same gift’, Jamie says. ‘They were nice gifts, just not something a guy would want. Being able to pick what you want - now that's right up a man's alley!'

Jamie has found that one product he believes in. With every couple who discovers Bon Bo Vendi, he watches their excitement at seeing something new. Jamie's favourite part still is explaining exactly how it works and why it’s unique.

How we help to make your day stress-free

It couldn’t be simpler:

  1. You save the date and book with Bon Bo Vendi.

  2. You meet with us just once to choose your gifts, decide the colour of your packaging and personalised labels.

  3. That’s it. We do everything else.


We work with you and your venue to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’re part of your support team.


That’s why we’re there on the day, to make sure all your guests get the most from the experience. We set up the red carpet, satin ropes, bling and show your guests exactly how it works.

We care about sustainability

We want to add to your day, but not at the expense of the planet. We’re excited to share that our packaging has been approved for recycling.

As part of the post-event clean up, we make sure that the leftover packaging from Bon Bo Vendi gifts is collected on the night, and we recycle it responsibly.

Add some fun to your wedding day with Bon Bo Vendi

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