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Bon Bo Vendi Gift Options

Each Bon Bo Vendi machine holds up to

  • 30 large gits (from 6 options)

  • 80 small gifts (from 10 options)

Maximum capacity for any machine: 160 gifts (small only)

Only Bon Bo Vendi staff can package gifts for the machines. We only use gifts that fit the size requirements and have been approved by us.

If your preferred gift option is unavailable, we will find a suitable gift of similar quality.

Special requests

We can source gifts to match your theme. Please allow at least three months for special orders.

Gift options are subject to size limitations and availability.


Sorry, no food items.

Here's a selection from our current range* of gift options. Click on an item to zoom in.

Price per gift $10 plus GST

* Product range may change without notice

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